Wedding-Countdown Mode

When I say my wedding begins in 87 days, 13 hours, and 25 minutes, I’m not speaking to you in a gleeful voice anxious for the day to be here so I can begin my life of wedded bliss. Normally right now, if I’m mentioning the countdown, what I’m saying is, “We’re less than three months out and we haven’t even signed a caterer yet!”


As much as I’m the sort of person who absolutely loves planning, getting everything together for a wedding is really stressful. The Gentleman and I got a lot done in the last week, though. We had a meeting with the caterer I’m 90% sure is the right one for us, finished guest lists for our wedding shower and rehearsal dinner, found a rain location for our ceremony (which we’ll also use for the rehearsal), and I finally printed out and delivered the last few Save the Dates. (Okay, OKAY, I still have eight to deliver, but some of those are resends that were returned to sender.) I also had some fun with post-it notes…


When Matt and I were at lunch over the weekend, I took out a stack of post-its and wrote one task on each one. Then I wrote a countdown week by week on separate notes: 12 weeks, 11 weeks, etc. Then I put each of the task notes on its designated week. Now we have a real schedule! Everything is done for this week. Now anytime I want to work on a task, I’m going to go through the list and make sure there isn’t anything more pressing — higher up in the stack — that I should work on instead.


This feels like a kind of scattered post, but that’s what wedding planning is doing to my brain, so I’ll leave it at that.