Nesting, Crafting, and Secret Projects

One of my goals was to have at least one post in every category before I “go live” with my blog. The only problem with that is this category, “Nesting,” which encompassing home goods and crafting. I am going to cross-post a “Foodie” post here to show off the Ikea desk I built for The Gentleman’s new desktop (which he built… slightly more impressive than an Ikea desk). But that’s not quite in the spirit of nesting that I’d hoped for.


The problem is, I’m working on several cool craft projects right now, but they’re all gifts. It’s actually been immensely frustrating to make my bridesmaids’ presents, because my bridesmaids are the three people to whom I really want to show this project off. Aleks, Kris, and Aislin would (will!) all really appreciate The Cool Thing That I’m Doing. But I can’t tell them about it, nor can I post about it publicly. It’s cool! It’s crafty! It’s ultra-versatile! It involves shopping, and sewing, fabric and paper, designing, folding, and all sorts of dastardly things! Remind me to share it with you in late October? I’ll probably forget. I just assume I’ll forget everything.


In any case, this is my placeholder to tell you: no, I really am working on something cool! I just can’t post about it here. Soon I’ll be done with that and move on to something I can tell you about, but I didn’t want to wait to launch the blog until that happens.


Ta, lovers.


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