Fragrance Review, Day Four and Five: Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb

(Side note: as I’m writing this, my cat Madi is sniffing intently at my left wrist. I think she likes Tokyomilk!)

So. I did not expect Flowerbomb to be my favorite:

2014-12-23 10.46.37

For real, I liked it so much that I took notes on it all day. I liked it so much that I wore it two days in a row.

Here’s the brief:

Viktor & Rolf: Flowerbomb

Category: Oriental-floral

Wear: Anytime

Sweet and sultry

Notes of bergamot, green tea, Sambac jasmine, seductive Centifolia rose, freesia, Cattleya orchid, musk, patchouli, milky notes, and powdery notes

One of the things I loved about it was that it smelled exactly like it was supposed to. Right away, I got jasmine, bergamot, and tea. It wasn’t quite as floral as I’d expected, a little more subtle. And oooh, creamy notes! The top didn’t fade right away, but I could smell the heart notes layering in: rose, a richer jasmine, and other florals.

I had a lot of thoughts and Feels. As I walked outside to head out to the world, I thought, “This smells right.” It made me feel like I was one of the beautiful-smelling things in the world. It fit right into the early-summer florals I was passing on my way down the block. I had to sniff my wrist a couple times, saying, “Is that me?!” I thought, if I could use magic to disguise myself as a garden, using just a glamour to change my appearance, people would pass by and smell me and say, “Oh, what a lovely garden!” (I’m a geek.)

Seriously, creamy notes. I loved them.

Another note about this fragrance and the ones that follow: considering how many I’ve had that didn’t seem to last very long, I decided to cheat. After I’ve done the pulse-point sprays, I’m also adding a dab of fragrance to the top bow of my lip, so that I can smell it without raising my wrist to my nose conspicuously in public. That way I’m catching the subtleties as it changes throughout the day.

So far, of the Sephora sampler I bought (that is, the five samples I get to choose between to get a full-size fragrance at the end), Flowerbomb is my favorite. I’ve tried See by Chloe, which is barely worth a review but I’ll post it after this, Viva la Juicy, which is nice but maybe not as compatible with my body chemistry, and Dot, which was okay but also didn’t last very long. The last one in the set is Gucci Flora, so I’ll give that a try sometime over the next few days, but unless it blows me away, I think I’m going for the rollerball of Flowerbomb.



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