Fragrance Review, Day Three: Beach Walk by Replica

Replica Beach Walk

Category: Coconut-sweet

Wear: Daytime

Notes of coconut milk, ylang-ylang, musk, lemon, pink pepper, bergamot, and heliotrope


I’ll keep this short and sweet: I start out with a note of SUNSCREEN. I’m not sure what that is. I caught a hint of coconut and a hint of citrus, but overall I just kept coming back to “sunscreen?” Which, in fairness, does remind me of the beach. Is there a scent to most sunscreens that I’m not considering? Like, do they all smell like heliotrope or something?




Okay, I looked at a bunch of fragrances that are supposed to smell like sunscreen, and I got a lot of jasmine, mandarin, and “sea notes” in common. Then I saw a couple people who said in all caps that SUNSCREEN SMELLS LIKE COCONUT, so maybe it was coconut notes after all. And I guess I could concede some white florals in that top note. Anyway, that’s a side track to my main point, which is…


Once again, this didn’t last very long. I reapplied it at midday and it was all but gone by dinner. The drydown was a very soft musk — probably quite nice if you’re a musk fan, but I want a little more nuance in my dry-down, so we’ll pass on this one.


Three more notes:


1) The tiny sample bottle I got for this was exceptionally tiny. Two applications (maybe three sprays on each wrist and two on the pulse points?) and it’s more than half gone. But that’s okay.


2) I feel like I should point out that despite the name of this line being “Replica”, it’s not a knockoff scent. That just happens to be the name of this company’s new line, which is aiming to replicate experiences. Obviously this is supposed to remind you of a stroll on the beach. It’s actually from Belgian designer Maison Martin Margiela.


3) No notes of pink pepper. This was a big disappointment to me, as I’ve been intrigued about pink-pepper notes ever since I started writing about fragrances at work.


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