Tea and Cake or Death?!

A popular request from friends was to do a post about tea. I love a good tea, but I’m a bit of a heathen about it. As The Gentleman says of beer — a connoisseur, not a snob. I drink everything from Lipton to K-cups with chai powder in them to Starbucks to… literally getting individual herbs from fancy stores and mixing together my own blends.


A note: my Starbucks preference is the vanilla rooibos. I LIVED for it when I was doing the Fast Metabolism Diet last fall. No caffeine, no sweeteners, but whoa it tastes like honey. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s on a diet but missing sweetness.


A few years ago I was penpal-ing with my friend Suzie and decided to include a single bag of my favorite tea for her. It was Bigelow Sweet Dreams. In turn, she gently introduced me to a craft tea. (Do you know this, Suzie? That was kind of my Tea Turning Point — I realized that there were actually grades of tea, as opposed to just flavors. Like, not all chamomiles are created equal.)


Right now in my Cool Tea Basket I have the following:

From Adagio Teas (a local tea haven):

Earl Grey Bravo, a ceylon with bergamot, orange peels, and blue cornflowers

Blood orange, a hearty herbal with orange, hibiscus, and rose

Spiced green, a Chinese green with orange peels, ginger, and cinnamon

Earl Grey Moonlight, a creamy version of the Bravo: black Ceylon with vanilla, orange, creme, and cornflower

Plain peppermint

Rooibos vanilla “chai”, a rooibos with all the classic chai spices

From The Republic of Tea:

A couple bags of Comfort and Joy holiday spice blend, which the illustrious Lady Gray gave me a few years back when she moved and which I save and savor


Tons of organic matchas, including a couple flavored kinds that are sorta weird

Celestial Seasonings teas, which are the one “grocery-store” brand that I still love ardently — I used to live in Boulder, and got to visit the CS factory like three times. They give free tours and they are AWESOME.


A locally made fresh-mint-infused raw honey

A set of honeys from Kline Honeybee Farm, purchased on Etsy: Spring Blossom, Goldenrod, Aster, Buckwheat, Locust, and Blueberry. Each has a unique flavor and pairing recommendations. Highly recommend.




Wow, I’m a little low on my Cool Tea Collection right now! Any recommendations?


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